We'll be using this thread the report any problems, issues, or ideas associated with the new website as we go through reworking it.

The new forum can be found here: 

If you feel brave enough and want to help us out, use this link as much as possible. I'm interested in any problems or issues you have using this specific site, although it's a completely fresh copy and seems to be working pretty well so far. I've noticed some cool things with it. For one, I know someone was mentioning that you couldn't see who thanked any specific post. With the fresh copy, a pop-up appears showing who thanked you. I'd be interested in what else you might discover.

The link for the new site is here: 

Here you can keep track of the redo of the site as we go along and report any issues. Please do not report "Page missing" errors and pages will be added as we go thought the site.

The characters section is done: http://3863-21905.el-alt...ad_characters/index.aspx 

You should be able to look at everything but you won't be able to add characters just yet. I need to do the artists section so you can add the voice artist first. Next up is the caricatures section and the the artists section.
The Music section and the Holidays section has been completed. I have added Easter as another holiday. If there are any others you can think of that should be added, let me know. Also, the music titles are now linked from the specific cartoon pages.


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