Stu Shostak has confirmed yesterday that he is feeling better and therefore the New Year's Eve show with him and Jeanine Kasun is on for tonight! (from Chatsworth)

Show will start at 7 pm Pacific Time, 10 pm Eastern Time and will last for 6 hours with comedy, talk, music, celebrity guests, trivia questions for wonderful prizes (including a grand prize at the end of the evening), as well as your e-mails and phone calls (yes, Stu will be taking calls all night long as it has been years since he last took them).

As indicated earlier in the month when he was the guest on December 2nd, Jerry Beck will be on NYE via phone. My best estimate is that he will be on around 10:30-11 pm Pacific Time as Stu indicated he will be on at a later time period (but tune in and find out). Not sure what topics Stu will throw at him, but hopefully anything animation...

Anyway, please try to tune in some or all of the program tonight and if you have good general knowledge, win prizes and the ultimate grand prize throughout the night! 

EDIT: He is going to be on via phone at around 11 pm Pacific Time.

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