A press release:

Thanks to funds raised by publicity for the upcoming "Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production", Warner Bros. now has the money to release another Looney Tunes Blu-ray, though outside of the Platinum Collection.

Titled The 26 Greatest Looney Tunes Never Before On Blu-Ray, this two-disc Blu-ray collection complies in chronological order such groundbreaking classics as Buddy's Day Out, Naughty Neighbors (proof that Clampett could make a non-wacky cartoon), Good Night Elmer, Pre-Hysterical Hare, Hare-Breadth Hurry (the best Bugs-Wile E. team-up of them all), Suppressed Duck, Just Plane Beep, Big Game Haunt (WB's masterwork in ripping off Casper, whom Paramount had abandoned by then), and especially See Ya Later Gladiator, all lovingly restored from original prints and all new to Blu-ray!

Especially important is the lifting of the ban on the Censored Eleven and other such WB cartoons, as the tastelessly stereotypical cartoons Sunday Go to Meetin' Time (sure to please racists and white supremacists everywhere), Jungle Jitters (inarguably one of Friz's best), Tokio Jokio (Norm McCabe's masterwork in anti-Japanese hatred), and Angel Puss (Chuck Jones's meanest cartoon, period) make their home video debut for the first time, restored in all their bigoted glory!

The complete list of cartoons:

1. Buddy's Day Out*
2. I've Got To Sing A Torch Song*
3. Sunday Go to Meetin’ Time
4. Jungle Jitters
5. Naughty Neighbors
6. Good Night Elmer
7. The Bird Came C. O. D.
8. Tokio Jokio
9. Angel Puss
10. Pre-Hysterical Hare
11. Devil's Feud Cake
12. Mexican Cat Dance
13. Hare-Breadth Hurry
14. Dumb Patrol
15. The Iceman Ducketh**
16. Assault and Peppered
17. Well Worn Daffy
18. Suppressed Duck
19. Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner
20. Tired and Feathered
21. Just Plane Beep
22. Speedy Ghost to Town
23. Rodent to Stardom
24. Big Game Haunt
25. Skyscraper Caper
26. See Ya Later Gladiator

*Already released on Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6.
**Already released on Looney Tunes Super Stars: Daffy Duck: Frustrated Fowl.

But wait, there's more! Every single cartoon has a commentary by either Michael Barrier, Thad Komorowski, Greg Ford, Jerry Beck, Mark Kausler, or (in the case of Naughty Neighbors) John Kricfalusi expounding enthusiastically on the greatness of whichever cartoon they're commenting on. And the one bonus feature is the elusive, Filmation-produced, beautifully-animated Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies, making its official home video debut remastered from a faded print.

Buy this set once it hits stores, or we'll make Bugs Bunny cut you off in the middle of a long-distance fall!
Honestly, I don't understand what the heck is wrong with "Naughty Neighbors". Yes, Porky is a supporting character here, but it still doesn't make it bad.
Suppressed Duck was also on the Frustrated Fowl DVD.

Also Speedy Ghost to Town, Run, Run, Sweet Roadrunner, and Hare Breadth Hurry were not bad.
Do forgive me, but...I would kill for a set like this.

After looking through most of the "April Fools" threads, none of them are funny. They're just "look! crap on dvd! yaayayayayayyyysay!!!!! APIL FOLLED!!!"
Originally Posted by: nickramer 

Honestly, I don't understand what the heck is wrong with "Naughty Neighbors". Yes, Porky is a supporting character here, but it still doesn't make it bad.

I agree, it's my favorite black & white Looney Tunes featuring [porky] . I do have the original black & white version on the Looney Tunes Collectors Edition Porky & Daffy VHS.
Actually I highly support all these being released. "The bottom of the barrel's gotta be scraped sometime"

Naughty Neighbors and Hare-Breadth Hurry were pretty good though.

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