I think it would've been better if we stop getting stuff from "Cartoon Brew". I'm still mad at Amid for causing Jerry to leave.
I agree with you, the DePatie-Freleng adaption from the special "Dr. Seuss On The Loose" is far better than this show.

However because that the show is rather expensive to make (sort of like what happened with Film Roman's "Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat"[felix] ), I doubt it will last long.
Mister Bighead
I find it strange PC Magazine, a technology related news source, would be doing an article about an animated cartoon. The cartoon is being released via digital streaming only, but it's still unusual.

As for the cartoon itself, I see the unnamed deuteragonist of the original book will be named "Guy" in the upcoming series. Let's hope this series won't have the pop-culture references and potty humor of past Dr. Seuss films.

Oh, and hearing this news has made me nostalgic for the old Green Eggs & Ham PC game I use to play in elementary school. 

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