YKW I have a better Idea if anyone could rip old Popeye VHS recordings from Popeyes Boomeroyalty 2 hour marathon with some of the cartoons from 33 - 40 (half B&W/half Redrawn), if you would be so kind please upload it to Internet Archive and then I might just burn it onto a dvd or someting
PopKorn Kat
I'm just going to repeat my message from your last thread:

Originally Posted by: PopKorn Kat 

I'm just going to be blunt: if every thread you make on this forum is a request for VHS recordings, that's not going to reflect positively on you, especially if you demand people put them on eBay. You also haven't really told us why you're looking for shows recorded within specific timeframes, nor do you appear to have anything to offer in return.

I'm going to make it official: stop making these threads unless you have something useful to offer. Why not seek out an actual forum for tape-trading if these searches matter that much to you?

I know you are not requesting people put these recordings on eBay this time, but every other point I have made still stands. Again, cease and desist with these threads unless you have something useful to offer in return (i.e., you are offering VHS recordings of your own). That, or compile your requests into one thread (or a website/Google Docs/etc. link) and post that, not multiple threads scattered across multiple subforums. Create any more unnecessary threads and you will be banned.

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